Item collection 5166678 original

Nature Sunflower Flower Photography - 8x10 wall decor fall autumn harvest gift idea golden brown peach cream natural -Sunflowers In The Sun


Item collection 5166692 original

Pastel Pink Flower Nursery Decor Photography - pink green white cream sage dark romantic dreamy wall decor fall autumn holiday gift idea 5x5


Item collection 5166697 original

Nature Mini Photograph Print - Lime Green Leaves - summer spring lime green white tree leaves leaf branch nature macro 3x3


Item collection 5166701 original

Green Nature Plant Photography - fall autum wall decor bright lime green yellow tan white black khaki cream yellow sage leaves leaf bricks 8x10


Item collection 5166708 original

Flower Photography - 8X10 nature still life warm autumn gerbera daisy water drops sparkle silver grey - A Twinkle In Her Eye in Black and White


Item collection 5166720 original

Whispers In The Breeze - Fall Flower Photography Print Nature Earth Tones Pale Blue mint floral autumn grass plant harvest golden yellow 8x8


Item collection 5166721 original

Nature Photography Print - Leaf Between the Lines - fall harvest tree leaves leaf orange yellow red nature macro brown autumn golden 3x3


Item collection 5166723 original

Nature Photograph - Loves Whisper - 8x10 flower Peach Pink romantic white yellow golden cottage shabby chic love cabbage rose fall autumn harvest


Item collection 5166636 original

Landscape Photograph - Tree red berries fall autumn tree trunk brown bright lime green ruby red yellow gold tan 5x7


Item collection 5166637 original

Photograph - Sitting By The Window - Fine Art Black and White Flower Print - (4x6) daisy silver grey shadow bright wall art floral garden


Item collection 5166641 original

Looking Your Way - Fine Art Flower Photograph Print - (8x10) Black and White Lily Romantic - Passionate fall autumn


Item collection 5166643 original

Pale Yellow Flower Photograph - spring water drop nursery decor macro home decor simple citron butter 8x10


Item collection 5166659 original

Tulip Flower Photograph - White Tulips - spring blue green white floral garden bright dark blue texture brown - 8x10


Item collection 5166662 original

Violet Buds - Fine Art Flower Photograph 8x10 - Botanical Nature Print pastel sage lime white forest moss


Item collection 5166663 original

Flower Nature Photograph - tangerine tango golden yellow purple lilac lavender violet black dreamy romantic bokeh - 8x10


Item collection 5166664 original

Fine Art Flower Photography - Purple and Lime Green - fall autumn decor amethyst botanical bold plum plant lavender bright vidid gift idea 8x10


Item collection 5166668 original

Photograph - Rainbow Leaves - Fine Art Nature Print colorful fall autumn changing seasons purple red orange yellow - 5x7


Fine Art Photography by Amelia Kay Photography

Welcome to Amelia Kay Photography - Fine Art Photography by Amelia Matarazzo.

Take a look through my shop. My shop is full of beautiful landscapes and amazing flower macro photography. If you see any prints that you would like in a different size than that is listed, please contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate you. All prints are signed and dated on the back.

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